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The material traces the arrival and departures of ethnic groups, the rise and decline of political movements, the creation of youth cultures, and the use and manipulation of the built environment.

A visit to El Monte, California, reveals many official signs and markers that harken back to the town's pioneer past. The local history museum is designed to look like an American West frontier town, complete with wagon wheels and mannequins outfitted in long skirts and bonnets. With its fertile location between the San Gabriel River and Rio Hondo, El Monte is often presented as a dream destination for westbound wagon trains, not to mention the indigenous populations and the Spanish before them.

Not surprisingly, as had happened single farmers saint-gabriel the West Coast, the verdant farmland that made the San Gabriel Valley attractive to white settlers in the lates would prove inviting to later agricultural migrants, specifically Japanese and Mexicans, a few decades later.

Japanese immigrants began arriving in the San Gabriel Valley in the early s. Byenough Japanese had settled in the region to warrant the establishment of the Japanese Farmer's Association of the San Gabriel Valley.

Just over twenty years later, a Japanese American Citizens League census found single farmers saint-gabriel five hundred first-generation and one thousand second-generation Japanese Americans, also known as Nikkei single farmers saint-gabriel, living in the San Gabriel Valley.

In El Monte specifically, the vast majority of Japanese lived outside of the main areas of town. They settled on large farms, where they grew produce and flowers to sell at local farm stands or the larger farmers markets in Southern California. Such business relations meant that the Japanese of El Monte interacted on a daily basis with not only local white residents on whom they relied as customers, but also other Japanese from throughout the region. The experience of Rikizo Nishida and his young family illustrates the complicated communal ties of many prewar Japanese immigrants.

Nishida left his home near Hiroshima, Japan for the United States in After working on a Hawaiian sugar plantation for three years, he moved to San Francisco, and then Nebraska, before reaching Southern California in After a year, Nishida returned to his hometown near Hiroshima, in all likelihood with the intention of finding a wife to bring back to the United States to start a family.

While further Japanese migration had been prohibited under the terms of the Gentleman's Agreement between the U. As a result, just a year later, inRikizo and his new wife Iwano returned to the Los Angeles area, settling in Covina where they opened a restaurant. InNishida quit the restaurant business and took up farming. On Single farmers saint-gabriel 23,Nishida and his family were traveling to Los Angeles Harbor to join a large number of other Japanese Southern Californians to greet two visiting Japanese naval cruisers.

However, a day that made Little Tokyo "gay with flags and bunting of America and Japan" proved tragic for the Nishida family, when the car single farmers saint-gabriel they were riding to the celebration struck another vehicle on Lower Azusa Road. In the aftermath, the now-widowed Iwano could no longer support her family single-handedly. Instead, she sent her middle daughter Mary Kikuye to live with an uncle and aunt in Japan, though she would return a few years later to attend high school in El Monte.

Later, she would meet her husband, himself a second-generation Japanese American, at one of Los Angeles's farmers markets where he was working for his family's fruit company.

In maintaining a sense of a Japanese national identity, to the point of wanting to welcome Japanese naval vessels to Southern California, while living in the United States and also routinely moving between both countries, the Nishida family's experience reveals the transnational identities that first- and some second-generation Japanese Americans embraced prior to World War II. For Japanese residents of El Monte, their geographic separation from the center of town mirrored their socioeconomic and single farmers saint-gabriel position in the city.

Understandings of class in El Monte were essentially triangulated along ethnic lines between the city's white, Japanese, and Mexican residents. Although California's Alien Single farmers saint-gabriel Laws prevented first-generation Japanese immigrants from owning land, upwardly mobile Japanese, like Rikizo Nishida, managed to either lease land from white landowners or own land through their second-generation Japanese children, who were American citizens.

Over time, an increasing number of Japanese immigrants in the San Gabriel Valley shifted from being farm laborers to farm managers, especially when the Great Depression caused a drop in land prices and compelled many white landowners to lease their lands to Japanese growers.

With more land, the Japanese themselves began hiring an increasing number of Mexican laborers. For these Japanese, the rough transition from farm worker to farm manager would culminate in the El Monte Berry Strike of The same macroeconomic factors that contributed to increased Japanese control of San Gabriel Valley farmland led to a drop in agricultural labor prices throughout Southern California, and left many Mexican pickers, including those residing in Hicks Campfacing desperate conditions.

In June outside labor groups, led by the Cannery and Agricultural Workers Industrial Union, organized El Monte's Mexican berry pickers to demand higher wages from Single farmers saint-gabriel growers.

The labor dispute would single farmers saint-gabriel become articulated in ethnic terms. While most historical analyses of the Berry Strike concern the Mexican pickers' important contribution to California labor history, the strike was also a significant moment for El Monte's Japanese community.

When the growers refused to give in to the laborers' demands and the strike proceeded, the Japanese community mobilized to support their own. The city's Japanese leaders successfully petitioned the principal of El Monte High School to dismiss Japanese students for three days to help with the berry harvest. Not only did single farmers saint-gabriel property owners single farmers saint-gabriel a vested interest in ensuring that their farms, leased to Japanese, remained profitable, but community leaders feared that labor unrest might also spread to white-run farms in the area.

Ultimately, the State Bureau of Labor Relations issued a compromise ultimatum. A happy Los Angeles Times single farmers saint-gabriel of berry farm conditions a year after the strike proclaimed that that "While Japanese, Mexicans, and Filipinos work and live in harmony and gain subsistence in the fields, berry patches covering acres in the Arcadia district are single farmers saint-gabriel delicious ingredients for single farmers saint-gabriel shortcakes and Youngberry pies to an appreciative audience.

Before the recent strike, they were receiving seventeen cents. Nowhere was this inequality more apparent than in the city's segregated public school system. Aimed at separating poor, and often transient, Mexican students from established white schools, the practice of operating separate schools for racial minorities was a common practice, especially in agricultural areas, throughout much of Southern California. And, despite whatever progress the Japanese community had made in the previous half-century, it was here single farmers saint-gabriel the myth of Japanese equality with the town's white residents would be shattered: in El Monte, young Japanese and Mexicans attended the Lexington Grammar School while white students attended separate, better furnished primary schools.

While El Monte's leaders had come to the assistance of Japanese farmers in settling the Berry Strike ofthe very same leaders forced Japanese children to attend the same schools as the children on the other side single farmers saint-gabriel the single farmers saint-gabriel line.

He notes that of forty or so students, the school was twenty-percent Japanese and eighty-percent Mexican. Many of the Mexican students were very poor: "I have a photo that shows them barefooted and some of them were not even bringing lunches to school. In fact, Sakatani faults the segregated schools for what he believed to be his limited vocabulary once he began attending integrated schools in nearby La Puente. Although El Monte schools were some of the single farmers saint-gabriel segregated primary schools in the San Single farmers saint-gabriel Valley, he states, "As I recall there were no protests.

People just accepted those kind of schools. El Monte's Japanese community may have begrudgingly accepted segregated schools at the community level, but at single farmers saint-gabriel individual level, there was notable resistance. As a young child growing up in s El Monte, Ike Hatchimonji's experience differed from most of his fellow second-generation Japanese. For starters, his father, Kumezo Hatchimonji, was one of the few first-generation Japanese in El Monte to have been educated in the United States.

Having studied English from American missionaries in northeast Japan, Kumezo came to the United States after taking a job on a merchant ship. Then, Kumezo moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona, where he established the Valley Seed Company, selling fruit and vegetable seeds commercially to Japanese and other small-scale farmers.

The family moved again, this time to the San Gabriel Valley inwhere Kumezo continued to sell seeds commercially. A couple of years later, he opened a retail storefront for the Valley Seed Company on East Valley Boulevard in El Monte, and the Hatchimonji family lived in a small rented house behind the store.

There, they were one of the few Japanese families who lived in town as opposed to on farms outside of the city. Seeing the rundown conditions at the Lexington Grammar School, Kumezo Hatchimonji received permission from the principal of the Mountain View Grammar School, in the adjacent but integrated Mountain View School District, for his sons to attend that school instead.

Every single farmers saint-gabriel, Ike and his twin brother walked a half-a-mile each way to the boundaries of the Mountain View School District where they would catch a bus to and from school. Ironically, Ike remembers that his own home in El Monte actually abutted the single farmers saint-gabriel of an all-white elementary school that he was legally barred from attending. Moreover, he notes that he and his brother single farmers saint-gabriel only allowed to attend an integrated primary school because their father, an educated and fluent speaker of English, had personally spoken with the principal.

In all likelihood, even if they had hoped for their children to single farmers saint-gabriel integrated schools, many other first-generation Japanese would not have been comfortable making such requests of school officials.

As both Bacon Sakatani and Single farmers saint-gabriel Hatchimonji recall of their childhood in El Monte, it was not just the primary schools that were segregated. At movie theaters and public swimming pools, Japanese and Mexicans could only sit in certain sections or use the facilities on certain days of the week.

Despite this segregation, Ike does not remember experiencing any direct prejudice. Most single farmers saint-gabriel his young friends were white and their attitudes toward him did not seem to change even with the beginning of World War II. If anything, he sees his childhood in El Monte as a time of innocence, especially in comparison to the experience he and other Japanese would face just a few years later. The indignity of attending public school paled in comparison to the injustice that was forced relocation and internment during the Second World War.

In the months preceding the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese in the San Gabriel Valley could not have imagined they would soon lose their homes and livelihoods. In fact, with the specter of war looming, many Japanese Americans were active in the local community's preparations for national defense. Less than six months before they would be sent there as internees, local Japanese participated in the Japan Day celebrations at the Los Angeles County Fair at the Pomona Fairgrounds.

Even during Japan Day, reports indicate that the fair's "national defense theme predominated. Times chronicled a local "Food for Defense Week Campaign" in El Monte during which the area's farmers were expected to disclose their farms' production to local officials. Given the plethora of first-generation Japanese farmers in the area, "At each [high] school, Single farmers saint-gabriel interpreters were present to help Japanese-mostly farmers of truck crops-fill out single farmers saint-gabriel patriotic reports.

On February 19,President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Orderwhich set in motion the relocation of Japanese Americans from throughout the West Coast to internment camps in the interior of the country.

Ike Hatchimonji recalls attending single farmers saint-gabriel the day after the single farmers saint-gabriel and things single farmers saint-gabriel more or less as normal, though he credits his parents for shielding him and his siblings from the worst news. When the orders to evacuate the San Gabriel Valley came in late-April, Ike remembers being called, single farmers saint-gabriel with his brother, to the principal's office where the principal told them that single farmers saint-gabriel regretted that single farmers saint-gabriel had to go.

With just a couple of weeks notice and little knowledge of where their final destination would be, Japanese in the San Gabriel Valley prepared for their relocation, selling whatever belongings they could. For the Hatchimonji Family, the timing of their removal was especially harsh.

Since farmers bought seeds on credit to be paid back after their harvests, a May evacuation meant that while most seeds had already been planted, the Japanese farmers could not reap what they had sown. As a result, Kumezo Hatchimonji's seed business single farmers saint-gabriel heavy losses and he struggled to pay his bills. In addition to selling whatever belongings they could, Ike remembers having to give away his family's German Shepherd, as they were not allowed to take their pets with them.

The relocation of Japanese Americans proceeded over the course of six weeks, starting single farmers saint-gabriel the coasts before moving inland. By the time that Japanese in the San Gabriel Valley were ordered to evacuate in May, the makeshift barracks at the racetrack, including those in converted horse stables and under the grandstand, were already overcrowded. There, a series of hastily constructed barracks surrounded by tall, barbed wire fences had been built from scratch, since few of the fairgrounds' existing facilities were suitable for human accommodation.

Like at Santa Anita, the Pomona Detention Center eventually became so overcrowded that horse stables were used to house detainees. Upon arriving at Pomona, El Monte's Japanese faced harsh conditions even compared to other detention centers. Outbreaks of food poisoning and athlete's foot were common, and older residents struggled with the summer heat.

Residents struggled to achieve a semblance of normalcy in the camps. Ike Hatchimonji remembers celebrating his grammar school graduation in camp, as he single farmers saint-gabriel missed out on his own at the Mountain View Grammar School by just a few weeks.

In addition, single farmers saint-gabriel fondly recalls the kindness of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that brought books and supplies to the camp and made life somewhat easier for the Japanese Americans imprisoned there. However, Hatchimonji also notes that it was not until he arrived at Pomona and met other Japanese from single farmers saint-gabriel Southern California that he was instilled with a sense of Japanese identity and an understanding single farmers saint-gabriel the precariousness of his rights.

In August ofthe vast majority of detainees in the Pomona Detention Center were single farmers saint-gabriel to their more permanent home: the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp located in a barren area of northwest Wyoming.

When Japanese internment came to an end in earlymany resettled away from the West Coast, in cities like Chicago and Salt Lake City. Having lost their single farmers saint-gabriel lands in the relocation, even those who returned to the San Gabriel Valley typically single farmers saint-gabriel industries other than agriculture.

Inthe U. Congress acknowledged the injustice of Japanese American internment single farmers saint-gabriel it passed single farmers saint-gabriel Civil Liberties Act of Few, if any, farms remain; the towns of the SGV are now bedroom communities whose economies are closely tied to Los Angeles. Today, there is almost no evidence of the Japanese American community that played such an important role in the region's early twentieth century development.

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