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This serene family drama on NBCwhich ran from towas based on the popular series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Abusive Parents : Surprisingly frequent for the show. Guest character Todd from "The Angry Heart" had an abusive dad. James and Cassandra, the orphans Ma and Pa adopt later in the series, briefly lived with an abusive guardian. Albert's nightmares soon after his adoption imply he suffered abuse at a city orphanage.

Horribly so in "Sylvia", where the titular character's father turns against her and becomes monstrously overprotective after she gets raped. It's even implied she was a wife-killing childbirth because her father remarks that she has the same "devil" in her that killed her ma, making her The Unfavorite. Naturally, his abuse leads to her death as well and now he gets to die alone.

Academic Athlete : Laura Ingalls Wilder will get dirty and play baseball as a child but at sixteen she becomes more elegant and gets her first teaching job. Albert, a leading student, plays football in a number of episodes. Caroline Ingalls, in a first season episode, serves as a substitute teacher, and earns her students' respect by hitting a home run in an impromptu batting exhibition. He throws the rock so hard it puts holes in the side of a barn.

After this display, Charles convinces Jebediah to try out for Walnut Grove's ailing baseball team. Of course, he's a natural and helps them win the big game despite all the cheating and poor sportsmanship of those evil people from Sleepy Eye. Age Lift : In the first scene of the pilot, nonspeaking extras appear as Ingalls extended family members and are identified by Laura's narration as Aunt Docia, Uncle George, and Aunt Ruby.

All three are variously between one and three decades older than their historical counterparts were at the time - even taking into account that the scene is depicted as taking place a couple of years later than it did in the book, the timeline of which Laura fudged by about a year. Affectionate Nickname : Half-Pint for Laura, even into adulthood.

Starting with the opener of Season 6, we have "Manly" and "Beth" between Laura and Almanzo- Laura accidentally calls Almanzo "Manly" in a love-struck stuporand Almanzo likes it enough to keep the nickname, deciding that he should give one to Laura. After a discussion about their middle names his is JamesLaura tells him her middle name is Elizabeth and he shortens it to "Beth". Until Percival Dalton shows up and calls her pretty, giving her the attention and love match dating in walnut grove so desperately wants from somebody.

Jeb Standish in the Winoka episodes is a rare male example. His father, Standish essentially owns the town. Jeb bullies Albert, Laura and others with words rather than fists. He replies that, while he was scared and angry at first, what's important is to make and have good memories that you can look back on.

Everyone is moved to tears after match dating in walnut grove speech, especially Nancy. Season 7's "Sylvia" saw Albert's heated argument with Charles over Match dating in walnut grove intention to quit school and marry a young girl who is pregnant by rape.

Charles argues that Albert couldn't possibly love Sylvia's child as it deserves match dating in walnut grove it wouldn't be his own, and Albert retorts that Charles asserted many times that he loved Albert like his own, despite he himself being adopted. Charles is rendered nearly speechless. Artistic License — History : One episode has a woman visit Walnut Grove to campaign for equal property rights for married women. The problem is that Minnesota already had property rights for married women as ofand this episode is set in the match dating in walnut grove. Another episode set in features a guest lecture from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

There are two match dating in walnut grove with this: First, Emerson stopped making public appearances after due to declining health. Secondly, he died in Generally speaking, the series takes many liberties with the actual lives of the Match dating in walnut grove family. Mary Ingalls, for example, never married, so the character of Adam is entirely fictional. Likewise, Albert never existed in real life. Also, the real Ingalls family moved around a lot, while the fictional family rarely left Walnut Grove outside of the pilot movie and occasional trip or temporary relocation.

This is extremely unlikely in real life since Minnesota had very few settlers as late asand Walnut Grove itself wasn't established until Artistic License — Religion : Season 7's "Come [sic] Let Us Reason Together" sees Percival's parents shocked to realize that he and Nellie do not particularly intend to raise their children in the Jewish faith. However, Judaism is matrilineal and sets out in its own teachings that a Gentile woman's children are also considered Gentile regardless of paternity.

Observant Jews like the Cohens, while perhaps regretful of the situation, would understand and anticipate that their grandchildren from this marriage would, by default, not be Jewish unless they later chose to convert.

Back for the Finale : Karen Grassle came back one last time for "The Last Farewell" because her character was very important to the events of the final episode and her interactions with her husband Charles helped move the story along to the bitter end. He dies only days later. Then, just to twist the knife and give her a taste of her own medicine, Laura as an adult herself has a match dating in walnut grove boy, who dies so abruptly that she doesn't even get to name him.

In fact, Laura's sin seems to implant match dating in walnut grove Biblical-esque curse that trickles down to every male firstborn in the Ingalls family, as Mary's own child is incinerated in a fire, and Albert, the oldest adopted boy, dies from leukemia it's implied, but the episode ends on a Hope Spot to avoid being too relentlessly sad.

Even James is nearly killed because he was the firstborn male of the Cooper family, but Charles breaks the curse through faith and, heavily implied, having his own lifespan severely reduced to restore James given his hair in the next episode and especially in future appearances.

Beard of Sorrow : Charles grows one when he takes his comatose son James, on a pilgrimage to ask God to match dating in walnut grove the boy. Ironically, this was the only time Michael Landon resembled the real life Charles Ingalls, who sported a beard he hated the idea of hiding his face. Big Brother Bully : Nellie was a female example of this to her brother Willie, often coercing him to go along with her schemes.

Willie later falls into this in a more justified manner when Nancy gets adopted because she's such a Spoiled Bratbut it almost always backfires dramatically when Nancy goes running into the arms of her adoptive coddling Mother Harriet and whining that Willie hates her. In "Annabelle", we find out the usually kind-hearted Nels Oleson gave his sister Annabelle a hard time about her weight, but more through neglect and denial than conventional abuse.

Big Eater : Willie Oleson, to the point where his father laments "Where does he put it all? Elmer Miles in "For The Love of Nancy" In a sad twist, Nels's titular sister in "Annabelle" gets teased for how much she weighs and eats by his own wife, because he kept her existence a secret out of shame. Oleson's grating, harsh, manipulative personality and rampant prejudice, Nels' inability or unwillingness to stand up to her, and her children's bratty and manipulative behavior.

Once you throw Nancy into the mix Bit Character match dating in walnut grove Mrs. She's such a bit character that they simply used the real surname of the actress Ruth Foster for the character. Bittersweet Ending : A railroad tycoon holds the deed to Hero Township because of a legal loopholebut before leaving, the residents of Walnut Grove destroy all of the houses in itleaving the tycoon with a giant landfill. After the colonel tells the tycoon that this was completely legal - the townsfolk still owned the buildings, the tycoon only owned the land - the mayors of several other towns say they will follow suit if the tycoon tries to use the same trick again.

The townspeople then walk off, satisfied that their town's sacrifice was not in vain. Laura, ever the smart-mouth, also had her moments. Nancy, Nellie's Replacement Goldfishbrought the trope up to eleven. Sylvia Olivia Barash is a beautiful but mature-for-her-age year-old girl who endures hell after hell throughout her stay in Walnut Grove.

She is sexually harassed by the boys at school, viciously raped by a masked man and impregnated as a resultemotionally abused by match dating in walnut grove distant father who also forces her to conceal her adolescent development Oleson when Harriet spreads the rumor that Albert Ingalls is her baby's father.

Albert seems to be her only friend, but even his parents are concerned that his association with her will bring nothing but trouble. In the end, Sylvia dies, her fatal last incident coming when she falls from a rickety ladder in a ramshackle barn to escape the rapist the town blacksmith who had come back to violate her again.

Breather Episode : "Fred", where Laura's titular pet goat causes trouble for everyone. Edwards is mistaken for a member of the Younger Brothers family of outlaws who prove to be far more bufoonish than anything else.

Calling the Old Man Out : Willie calls out his mother when she tries to keep him from marrying the girl he match dating in walnut grove. In "Gambini the Great," the eponymous stuntman Gambini gets match dating in walnut grove from his oldest son, who is concerned about his aging dad's death-defying stunts and also does not want to carry on the family tradition. Beginning with the first proper episode, "Harvest of Friends," she has become noticeably more of a warm and sweet, "classic" television mother in the vein of June Cleaver or Carol Brady, and stays that way throughout the show's run.

Circus Episode : Season 6's "Annabelle" has Mr. Oleson's estranged sister working as the Fat Lady in a touring circus, while Laura appears in it disguised as a clown. Class Clown : Willie Oleson. He even has his own corner. It gets a sad reprise in the final season when Laura leaves her teaching post, because she was very kind to Willie.

Willie politely asks to stand in the corner one last time for old times' sake Clip Show : "The Little House Years" Community-Threatening Construction : In an episode, the railroad was coming to town and bringing with it drunks and other rowdies that would completely match dating in walnut grove the character of Walnut Grove. The town fought against the railroad and the railroad redirected to go to a different small town. Sadly, another railroad pressed the town even harder with plans to buy up the land and led to its ultimate destruction.

Converting for Love : Averted with the marriage between Percival and Nellie who respect each others' faith and background. Cosmic Plaything : The Ingalls family in general, but especially Albert: He spends much match dating in walnut grove his early life being regularly abused in orphanages until he runs away, eventually ending up in Winoka and barely survives by being a thief.

Charles gets him to come with the rest of his family to Walnut Grove, where early on he's cruelly picked on and beat up by others for being a "bastard". And when Charles goes to legally adopt Albert, Jeremy Quinn, his biological father shows up and wants to take him in as a farmhand, and has no intent of treating like a son, nor does he even have a wife anymore, if ever at all meaning Albert really could be a bastard. Luckily, he escapes that by feigning blindness to his father and gets adopted by Charles.

Some time later he's partially responsible for the deaths of Mary's son and Alice Garvey by, along with another boy, accidentally burning down the blind school with a lit pipe. He has so much guilt that he decides to run away and go to his biological father, only to discover he's dead, having unexpectedly kicked the bucket since they last met, a final kick match dating in walnut grove the teeth. Charles finds him and convinces him to come back home. He falls in love with Sylvia, who gets horribly raped and then pregnant by the town's blacksmith, and plans to run away with her.

She gets fatally injured when trying to get away from said rapist and later dies. Years later he gets addicted to morphine, becoming almost an entirely different person, but manages to break the match dating in walnut grove before it completely destroys him. Just when you think things are finally looking up for him, he's found to be terminally ill with leukemia right after finding out he received a full scholarship to medical school.

So he goes back to Walnut Grove to spend his last days, and presumably dies match dating in walnut grove long after. Mary didn't fare much better. She loses her sight and later gets false hope that it might come back, loses her first baby to a miscarriage, her second to a devastating fire caused by Albert in the aforementioned incidentand her husband Adam gets his sight back, initially making her feel alienated.

Unlike Albert or Laura, who both did and said horrible things in the series, she did absolutely nothing to deserve the things that happened to her. Court Room Episode : "Blind Justice", where a man is accused of swindling the citizens of Walnut Grove in a land deal. Then in the last season, Jenny when there was no one left to fill the role of Kid-Appeal Character.

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