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Olive Urquhart lived from to She was elected Pointe-Claire first and only female mayor from to and from to From the time she took office as mayor inMs. Urquhart was dedicated to the planning and development of the city, in full growth, with the construction of public utility services, new buildings, an elementary school Lakeside Heights and John Rennie High School.

At that time, there was a tradition that Anglophone and Francophone mayors alternated every two years. Urquhart breathed life into Pointe-Claire with her dynamism and vitality through numerous achievements. She particularly contributed to the construction of the water purification plant to meet the needs of the growing population and an industrial singles events 2021 in pointe-claire in full expansion, while ensuring the fluoridation of drinking water.

She also participated in the construction of the Lakeshore General Hospital, beginning inin addition to defining the vocation of Stewart Hall as a cultural centre, between and Its philosophy is to help people develop a healthy lifestyle for both body and mind.

The centre created the first successful fitness instructor training program. In Singles events 2021 in pointe-clairethe West Island YMCA Family Center, as it singles events 2021 in pointe-claire called at the time, was inaugurated in this building to pursue its mission of serving the success of young people, people with special needs and families.

Inthe City of Pointe-Claire acquired the building. The YMCA benefits from this partnership to continue to offer services alongside municipal activities. The three-storey building offers premises adapted to practising a multitude of sports. It is fitted with an elevator. A valid MULTI card or proof of residence dating less than three months is required when you join to benefit from the rate for residents.

Registration site : ludik. The City of Pointe-Claire disposes of a financial assistance program to promote participation of children in activities. Information : Financial assistance program. For more information, visit ymcaquebec. The pool, gymnasium and certain spaces are available to rent for private events. For more information: centresportif pointe-claire. What will be the programming for group activities in the fall and how do I register? The programming will be enhanced by group classes in the fall and will be announced in August with the programming for our regular activities.

Registration for group classes will be singles events 2021 in pointe-claire online Ludik. Yes, you have access to the gymnasium, the weight room and the three pools for recreational swimming and lane swimming. I f I buy an annual or monthly membership to the Aquatic Centre, do I have access to the facilities of the Sports Centre? To have access to the activities and programs offered at the Sports Centre, you must buy a membership at the Sports Centre. Does the City offer financial support for these memberships?

The City has a financial assistance program for families and people under 18 for its activities or the singles events 2021 in pointe-claire of partner non-profit organizations. This financial assistance covers part of the costs according to certain requirements and is established according to family income. For more information, visit singles events 2021 in pointe-claire. Is the building accessible to everyone? The building is designed so that a person with reduced mobility can access all floors and rooms.

Information:centresportif pointe-claire. Children and adults can enjoy the swimming pool to relax or improve their swimming technique:. Winter The metre indoor track is for walking or running at your own pace, and you can take advantage of the warm-up area adjacent to the track.

The double gym provides an opportunity to practise a varied range of self-directed activities singles events 2021 in pointe-claire specific time slots and for different age groups: pickleball, badminton, floor hockey, soccer, volleyball and basketball. Please note that the gymnasium will be closed from Monday, January 22 to Friday, January 26 from 6 a.

Thank you for your understanding. Discover Pointe-Claire. Online requests Voila! Residential permits Dogs Peddlers and advertising material Garage sale Filmmaking Boat singles events 2021 in pointe-claire ramp Special events and car washes Parking.

Planning Program and by-laws Municipal by-laws. Major construction sites Snow removal Sewers and aqueducts Public transportation. Permits for business Calls for tender. Waste collection guide and calendar Zero waste Collections. Organic waste Recyclable materials Household waste Bulky items Mattresses, sofas and armchairs Ecocentre Leaf and branch collection Permanent collection points Hazardous household singles events 2021 in pointe-claire Christmas trees Special collection.

One birth, one memory, one tree Commemorative benches. Leisure publications. Leisure Culture Notes. Schedules and facilities Programming Competitive clubs.

Sailing Recreational paddling program Competitive program — Canoe Kayak. Online registration Registration dates. In the basement: A metre swimming pool offering a walk-in pool and a slide. Five changing rooms: two family changing rooms, two changing rooms for persons aged 18 and over and a changing room designed for persons with reduced mobility. January 2, 10 a. The sports centre is open : Monday to Friday, from 6 a. Activities end at 9 p. Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.

To register, go to the Sports Centre. Yoga stretch 7 to 8 p. Post-natal conditionning parent and child to a. Yogalates to p.

Children and adults can enjoy the swimming pool to relax or improve their swimming technique: — Recreational swimming. Two squash courts are available for playing singles or doubles. Reservation for members only. Courts are also available on site, according to availability.

This instruction may change at any time and without notice. Equipment rental singles events 2021 in pointe-claire available. Rules Resealable and unbreakable bottles only Safe, suitable and clean clothing Persons under age 18 : protective glasses mandatory Persons age 18 and over: protective glasses recommended Non-marking shoes only Squash only, any other activity prohibited.

The spinning area offers more than 50 stationary bikes to get you moving. Open use. Rules Resealable and unbreakable bottles only Safe, suitable and clean clothing Reserved for persons age 12 and older Access authorized for children age 8 to 12 under adult supervision No equipment authorized on the track Warmup and stretching off the track Look both ways before entering the track Follow the direction of the arrow Indoor corridor: walking or slow running Outdoor corridor: fast running Stay in line Announce yourself before passing Do not stop suddenly on the track The City reserves the right to exclude any person who does not follow the rules.

Thank you for sharing the track! Two studios for group lessons coming soon. Studio 2 Table tennis open to all Monday till Sunday 2 p. Adults Saturday and Sunday between 7 p. Two rooms for cardio and muscular training.

Ages 14 and up. Rules Resealable and unbreakable bottles only Safe, suitable and clean singles events 2021 in pointe-claire Speak softly Leave bags in the locker room Singles events 2021 in pointe-claire photos or videos Access prohibited for children under age 14 Do not bang or drop weights Clean and put away the material after use Clean the equipment after use Use a towel No food Trainers from outside the centre are not authorized.

For the schedules, please click on the desired facility. Family 2 adults and children from ages 20 and under, from the same address. Yoga stretch. Post-natal conditionning parent and child. Registration dates.

Single admission. Cost per session. Tueday, November 28 at 7 p. Tuesday, December 5 at 7 p.

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With a population of over , Mississauga is actually one of the top 5 largest cities in Canada, with a larger population than even Vancouver or Winnipeg! They even have frozen dishes you can heat and eat yourself at home, including their Shahi Paneer Lasagna and Makhani Native dating near mississauga on. Katsuya serves up incredibly crispy and delicious Japanese tonkatsu in a variety of signature sauces. My fave is the Native dating near mississauga on Katsu, but any of their katsu options will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

You can even have your katsu stuffed with cheese, and it is sooo delicious. Artery clogging, maybe, but definitely delicious. The interior of their Mississauga location is also super cute, with hanging lights and sliced logs as wall artwork! Gyubee is an all-you-can-eat Japanese barbecue spot with several locations across the GTA, including one in Mississauga.

They offer up authentic Neapolitan-style wood oven made with fresh and imported ingredients alongside exclusive Italian wines. All of their pizzas can be made gluten-freeand you can add dairy-free cheese for an additional fee.

Enjoy traditional Afghan dishes at this chic spot in Mississauga with cozy booth seating and fun globe lights. Hit up this cool, industrial-inspired restaurant and bar in Mississauga for Southern-inspired fare and a fantastic selection of drinks. The Platter is perfect for sharing, and comes with a variety of house-smoked meats, cornbread, mac and cheese, thyme fries, and coleslaw. They even do whiskey flights, including their High Roller flight, which features rare and elegant whiskies from Canada to Japan.

Native dating near mississauga on even make a nod to Prohibition with their use of reclaimed wood and old whiskey barrels in their space, which is really fun! Enjoy upscale Canadian cuisine with international influences at this cozy gastropub in Mississauga.

Definitely grab one of their delicious signature cocktails to pair with your meal, which are also internationally-inspired. I know Scaddabush is a chain now, but I absolutely loved them when they first opened up in Toronto while I was in university.

I adore the native dating near mississauga on ceilings, exposed brick, and quirky vintage artwork at their Square One restaurant! For dessert, grab their Chocolate Charcuterie Board for 2, which is perfect for my fellow chocolate lovers! Stop in on the weekend to enjoy their brunch menu, which features dishes like their Porchetta Benny and their Ricotta Pancake. Satisfy your Italian food cravings at this elegant fine-dining restaurant in the historic Erindale Village neighbourhood.

Piatto has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine made with locally, seasonally-sourced ingredients for over 30 years. Their steaks native dating near mississauga on all deliciously charbroiled to perfection, and you can choose from cuts like T-Bone Steak and Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon! Have you been to any of these restaurants in Mississauga? What are your favourite restaurants to eat at in Mississauga? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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About this rating. On Sept. In the thumbnail image for the video, it claimed that Dwayne Johnsonbetter known as The Rock, had purportedly admitted to a "shady role" in the August Maui wildfires and then publicly pleaded, "Please, forgive me. Winfrey owns property on Maui, while Realtor. The video archived was narrated by a voice that had been generated by artificial-intelligence AI tools. It began as follows:. So, if you send a donation, just click where you see below, and send a donation.

Get ready for the tea, because this story is sizzling. The Rock, known for his legendary muscles and action-packed movies, has unintentionally found himself in the middle of a scandal that's hotter than a Maui volcano. Apparently, he and Oprah are now entangled in some eyebrow-raising alleged shady dealings concerning a mysterious fire in the beautiful paradise of Maui. Who would have thought, elite dating in white rock However, the elite dating in white rock in the video's title that Johnson had "mistakenly [admitted]" to a "shady role" in the Maui fires, implying that he was involved in the starting of the blaze, was made up.

Further, he never begged for forgiveness, as claimed by the thumbnail image. In the latter half of the video, the AI-voiced narrator claimed that Johnson was a fan of "Hollywood elites" and had "[promoted] their evil agendas," later implying several times that he elite dating in white rock also been involved in pedophilia.

As readers might guess, such conspiracy theories are completely unfounded. A disclaimer was displayed on screen during the video. A longer version of the disclaimer was also included in the description, which read, "Disclaimer: Content might be gossip, rumors, exaggerated or indirectly besides the truth. Viewer advised to do own research before forming their opinion.

Content might be opinionated. The whole video appeared to have been created simply to earn YouTube advertising revenue based on tapping into the politics and emotions of viewers who might place blind trust in its claims. Such viewers might choose to head directly to the comments to post negative remarks about Johnson and Winfrey instead of exercising critical thinking and research to figure out if they had been misled by the video's title, thumbnail image, and content. Part of the video concentrated on the fact that Johnson and Winfrey had recorded a video announcing their creation of the People's Fund of Maui.

The fund was designed to provide money to residents who were unable to return to their homes following the fires, which were the deadliest U. They also provided information about how people can donate. Johnson elite dating in white rock Winfrey said they were inspired by a similar plan previously created by country star and multi-millionaire Dolly Parton following fires that swept through east Tennessee in November Those funds were also raised through donations, according to KnoxNews.

We previously reported about a rumor similar to the one in the video above that claimed Winfrey had revealed Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks also had a "shady role" in the Maui wildfires. That, too, elite dating in white rock false. Ahillen, Steve.

Beaty, Thalia. Liles, Jordan. McAvoy, Audrey. Zap, Claudine. Become a Member. My Profile. Contact Us. Fact Checks. About Us. Login My Profile Logout. Fact Check. Jordan Liles. Claim: An online video accurately reports that actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, and entertainment icon Oprah Winfrey had a "shady role" in the August Maui wildfires. False About this rating. Sources Ahillen, Steve. By Jordan Liles.

Jordan Liles is a Senior Reporter who has been with Snopes since

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