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It is about thirty kilometres east of Montrealand immediately east of the Richelieu River. It is one of the Monteregian Hills. The area surrounding the mountain is a biosphere reserveas one of the last remnants of the primeval forests of the Saint-Lawrence valley. The eastern half, or Milieu de Conservation preservation area is not accessible to the general public. Mont Saint-Hilaire is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, as well as a number of rare minerals, including some which were discovered on the mountain and some which are unique to the region.

The mountain stands m 1, ft above the sea level, [3] or metres above the surrounding plains. Most of the well-known summits of the mountain are in the western open to the public part.

They are the Pain de Sucre Sugar Loafm 1, ft high; the Sunrise, m 1, ft high; the Rockym 1, ft high; and the Sommet Dieppe Dieppe Summitm 1, ft high as well as Burnt Hillm best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire, ft high.

The summits of the eastern half of the mountain, which is closed to the public, are generally little known, to the point that most official maps fail to identify the distinct summits at all. Only a few names best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire known, such as East Hill and Lake Hill. These summits range from to metres to 1, ft in elevation. The best-known feature of the mountain is the cliffs. Collectively known as the falaise dieppe[10] or falaise de Dieppe [5] Dieppe cliffs the cliffs are part of the Dieppe summit, and nearly m ft high.

Some of the best known features of the cliffs include the metre high Tour rouge Red toweras well as two slabsthe Dalle noire Black slab and Dalle Verte Green slabwhich rise at a degree angle. The cliff's unique ecosystem hosts lichensas well as cedar treessome of which may be as much as five hundred years old.

It also hosts the mountain's population of peregrine falcons. However, the action of rock climbers has proven destructive to the ecosystem, in addition to being dangerous to the climbers themselves. At the centre of the mountain is Lac Hertel, a lake in a glacially-formed depression in the middle of the various summits.

It covers an area of 0. It is fed by three permanent streams ; a fourth flows from the lake toward the Best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire River. The lake serves as a secondary reservoir of drinking water to the region, and, best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire such, swimming, fishing and boating are forbidden.

The central position of the lake on the mountain has led to claims that Mont Saint-Hilaire is a volcanic caldera. However, the lake is actually the result of glacial erosionand in no way an ancient volcanic crater.

Mont Saint-Hilaire is one of the Monteregian Hillsa group of erosional remnants of intrusive mountains spread across southern Quebec.

It is composed of three distinct plutonic intrusions that formed during the Cretaceous Period between and million years ago. During this time, melting occurred, creating subsurface magma intrusions. Erosion of the surrounding softer sedimentary rocks revealed the more resistant rocks of Mont Saint-Hilaire. Mont Saint-Hilaire is a famous mineral best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire because of its great number of rare and best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire mineral species.

Annite iron rich biotite from Mont Saint-Hilaire is among the most iron-rich found in nature. In the gabbrobiotite is less iron-rich, has lower manganese content, but is titanium-rich. Phlogopite is found as small best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire crystals in marble xenoliths within the syenite. Siderophyllitea relatively rare mineral, occurs as large crystals in a metasomatised albite -rich albitite dike.

In addition to gabbro, the second intrusive suite included nepheline syenitediorite and monzonite. The third intrusive occupies the eastern side and is mainly peralkaline nepheline syenites and porphyrites. The most mineralogically interesting are the associated agpaitic alkali rich, low aluminium and silicon pegmatitesthe intrusive breccias, and the hornfels derived from the metasomatised sedimentary wall rocks. As the last remnant in Quebec of the ancient Gulf of St.

Lawrence lowland foreststhe area has been a provincial biosphere reserve since and a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary since The area hosts 21 at risk and best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire endangered species of plant under current statutes. The mountain, particularly the Pain-de-Sucre summit, was well known by the Algonquin First Nations, who used it as a vantage point to survey the valley of the Richelieu River below.

It was during the later expedition that he discovered the mountain. Settlement around the mountain began in when a seigneury was granted to Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville. A village slowly grew on the slopes of the mountain, near the streams emptying out of Lake Hertel.

In the nineteenth century, the mountain became a tourist destination, particularly after Tomas Edmond Campbell bought best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire seigneury from the Hertel de Rouville family in The tourist value of the mountain dwindled as development of the Eastern Townships made the northern Appalachians more accessible.

Campbell sold the mountain in to Andrew Hamilton Gault. While he saw to the development of the region, Gault also insisted on protecting the wild nature of Mont Saint-Hilaire, where he planned to build a mansion home for his retirement.

Construction of the mansion began inbut Gault lived there a mere three weeks before he died. He bequeathed the property to McGill Universitywhere he had received his education, [21] which made it into the "Gault Reserve".

The natural value of the mountain led to its being proclaimed a migratory bird sanctuary in Inthe mountain was divided into a preservation area, closed to the public, and an area open to the public, which became the responsibility of the Centre de Conservation de la Nature Nature Conservation Centre in Inthe mountain was made the first world biosphere reserve of Canada as a result of best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire being the last remnants of the primeval forests of the Saint-Lawrence Valley.

Although initial documents indicate the biosphere reserve covered large areas surrounding the mountains, it appears that today, best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire effective definition of the biosphere reserve corresponds to that of the Gault Reserve. The establishment of the town and parish of Chambly to the south led to the mountain temporarily becoming Mont Chambly in the later seventeenth century although the name persisted in English until at least When the Campbell family replaced the Hertel de Rouville family, the mountain took up the name Mont Beloeilafter the nearby municipality of Beloeilon the other side of the Richelieu River.

Mont Saint-Hilaire, owing to best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire stark form, has always played a significant part in the culture of the nearby region. It is an important regional icon, its silhouette appearing in the symbols of many towns and cities of the region, such as Beloeil[25] McMasterville[26] Mont-Saint-Hilaire [27] and Otterburn Park. Several artists have painted Mont Saint-Hilaire over the years.

The first was the English painter John Bainbriggewho made three separate watercolour paintings of the mountains best online dating in mont-saint-hilairewhile garrisoned in the region. A few decades later, best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire mountain also appeared in a painting by Cornelius Krieghoff. Some evidence suggests that Mont Saint-Hilaire, particularly the Pain de Sucre summit, was a sacred site of the Algonquin natives, who conducted rituals there.

Despite a slow establishment in the region the first two parishes at the foot of the mountain, Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint-Hilaire, were only established in and[19] the Catholic Church soon established itself on best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire mountain.

Ina great wooden cross was built atop the mountain, more than 30 metres 98 ft high and 9 metres 30 ft across, with a chapel at its base. The cross was hollow, allowing visitors to climb to the top. A winding trail was established leading up to the mountain, with stations of the cross along the way. The cross was destroyed in a storm in Oral tradition in the area surrounding Mont Saint-Hilaire has recorded several legends concerning the mountains.

Local figures such as the painter Ozias Leduc and local best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire Armand Cardinal and Pierre Lambert have set down in writing several of those legends; even so much best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire the oral tradition is now lost. Legends of the mountain generally centre on the figures of either the mountain's three fairieswho are said to have lived in a cave in the cliff-face for several centuries [11] before abandoning the mountain and their immortality to marry their mortal lovers, [5] or the devil, and the existence of two passage to hell, including the location known as les Portes de fer the Iron gates two great stone slabs found next best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire one another on the slopes of the mountain [11].

Lac Hertel is also at the centre of several legends. According to different legends, it is either bottomless, [5] connected by underground passages to Lake Champlain, [5] or was formed as a direct result of the devil successfully convincing several of the early settlers to abandon their promise to attend mass at the newly established chapel every Sunday.

Another legend, based on the unusual ice patterns found on the northern cliff-face of the mountain, where a vaguely horse-shaped ice formation does not melt until late in the spring, state that the spirit of a local farmer's horse warns farmers against planting their crop so long as the ice formation remains on the mountain. Since the late twentieth century, the mountain has become a major hub of alleged supernatural activity.

The towns surrounding the mountain have shown the highest number of UFO sightings in Quebec. On the night of May 22—23,several hundred people came to the mountain after Richard Glenn claimed to have been warned of UFO visits to the mountain that night.

The observations were severely best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire by a rainstorm, although some alleged sightings still took place. The abundance of unusual minerals and crystals at Mont Saint-Hilaire, as well as the effect of its mass upon local magnetism, have also been of great interest to followers of the New Age movement and conspiracy theories. Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk. Read Edit View history.

Tools Tools. Download as PDF Printable version. In other projects. Wikimedia Commons. August 1, Government of Quebec. Retrieved October 16, Western Abenaki Dictionary. Volume 2: English-Abenaki. Canadian Museum of Civilization. McGill University. Archived from the original on September 16, best online dating in mont-saint-hilaire Retrieved July 7, McGill reporter.

Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved November 30, Statistics Canada. Archived from the original on June 21, Archived from the original on December 17, Archived from the original on March 10,

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