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Please Note: Breed specific rescue organizations are listed under the individual breed sections of this website. While we would like to be able to offer all not-for-profit, legitimate Rescue Organizations the opportunity to be included in the listings, we are concerned about unintentionally including organizations who are questionable in their rescue practices.

Therefore, we request that all Rescue Organizations complete a Rescue Questionnaire in order to be accepted for inclusion on the website. We do not recommend, endorse or support any one organization over another and we will never knowingly list an organization who runs a puppy mill, backyard style breeding operation, or sells their dogs or any animal to brokers, pet stores or retailers of any kind.

Montreal, QC Tel. Website: www. Montreal, QC E-mail: info singles your area huntingdon quebec. We also save dogs that would normally be euthanized due to health or age issues. We have many dogs that have singles your area huntingdon quebec waiting for a long time to be adopted. We are very selective and want to make sure that when they get adopted into a family that it is a permanent move.

We are the only rescue group in Quebec to feed a primarily raw diet and offer homeopathic veterinary care. Montreal, QC E-mail: reachforthestarsrescue gmail. E-mail: rosieadoption hotmail. We believe in giving every dog a chance at the good life! We rescue stray and abandonned dogs from being singles your area huntingdon quebec and place them in compatible homes.

We do not adopt our dogs on a first come first serve basis, they absolutely have to be compatible with the adopter to ensure that they live long and happy lives together.

Huntingdon, Quebec E-mail: pennyspuppypaws gmail. We are not affiliated with other SPCAs and have our own goals. We provide our dogs and cats with shelter, freedom from fear and pain and all the love we can — with no time limit. S border, serving an area three times the size of Montreal.

Get In Touch Email: canadasguidetodogs gmail.

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In my lifetime, there was another deadly flu epidemic in the United States. It ultimately killedpeople in the U. Lifespan in the US in those days was 70 whereas it is 78 today.

Population was million as compared with million today. It was also a healthier population with low obesity. If it would be possible to extrapolate the death data based on population and demographics, we might be looking at a quarter million deaths today from this virus. So in terms of lethality, it was as deadly and scary as COVID if not more so, though we shall have to wait to see. I was 5 years old and have no memory of this at all.

My mother vaguely remembers being careful and washing surfaces, and encouraging her mom and dad to be careful. Why is that? Nothing was closed by force. Schools mostly stayed open.

Businesses did too. You could go to the movies. You could go to bars and restaurants. John Fund has a friend who reports having attended a Grateful Dead concert. In fact, people have no memory or awareness that the famous Woodstock concert of August — planned in January during the worse period of death — actually occurred during a deadly American flu pandemic that only peaked globally six months later.

There was no thought given to the virus which, like ours today, was dangerous mainly for a non-concert-going demographic. This further underscores how aware people korean dating near woodstock on at the time of the disease; the stay-open practice was a deliberate choice.

Congress passed no legislation. The Federal Reserve did nothing. Not a single governor acted to enforce social distancing, curve flattening even though hundreds of thousands of people were hospitalizedor banning of korean dating near woodstock on. No mothers were arrested for taking their kids to other homes.

No surfers were arrested. No daycares were shut even though there were more infant deaths with this virus than the one we are experiencing now. There were no suicides, no unemployment, no drug overdoses attributable to flu.

The only actions governments took was to collect data, watch and wait, encourage testing and vaccines, and so on. The medical community took the primary responsibility for disease mitigation, as one might expect. It was widely assumed that diseases require medical not political responses.

We had the Vietnam Korean dating near woodstock on, social welfare, public housing, urban renewal, and the rise of Medicare and Medicaid. We had a president swearing to cure all poverty, illiteracy, and disease. Government was as intrusive as it had ever been in history. But for some reason, there was no korean dating near woodstock on given to shutdowns. Which raises the question: why was this different?

We will be trying to figure this one out for decades. Was the difference that we have mass media invading our lives with endless notifications blowing up in our pockets? Was there some change in philosophy such that we now think politics is responsible for all existing aspects of life? Korean dating near woodstock on there a political element here in that the media blew this wildly out of proportion as revenge against Trump and his deplorables?

Maybe all of these were factors. Or maybe there is something darker and nefarious at work, as the conspiracy theorists would have it. By way of personal recollection, my own mother and korean dating near woodstock on were part of a generation that believed they had developed korean dating near woodstock on views of viruses.

They would constantly congratulate me on building immunity. They did korean dating near woodstock on very best to be happy about my viruses, while doing their best to get me through them.

If we used government lockdowns then like we use them now, Woodstock which changed music forever and still resonates today would never have occurred. How much prosperity, culture, tech, etc. What happened between then and now? Was there some kind of lost knowledge, as happened with scurvywhen we once had sophistication and then the knowledge was lost and had to be re-found?

They were smart. We are idiots. Or at least our governments are. Reuters finally took issue with dating of the waves of infection and death, as if anyone at the korean dating near woodstock on could see that happening at the time much less plan for them. Phil Magness, in addition, has discovered that medics were on hand precisely due to virus concerns.

Here are his tweets:. The folks at reuters might want to revisit Joel Rosenman's denial of pandemic concerns at Woodstock. Here is his co-organizer Michael Lang quoted in the St. Also worth noting that in addition to Woodstock, was a huge year for concert festivals. The 2nd Isle of Wight festival took place weeks later, and the korean dating near woodstock on Altamont Speedway festival took place in December…right in the middle of the flu pandemic's 2nd wave.

And yes, reutersthe flu outbreak was in fact specifically mentioned as one of the pandemics they were concerned about at Woodstock. Jeffrey A. Press and other media outlets contact press aier.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Search Search. Tucker Jeffrey A. Get notified of new articles from Jeffrey A.

Tucker and AIER. Paul Schwennesen. Jon Miltimore. Joakim Book.

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