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The Romance languagesalso known as the Latin [1] or Neo-Latin [2] languagesare the languages that are directly latin dating charlemagne from Vulgar Latin. The five most widely spoken Romance languages by number of native speakers are Spanish millionPortuguese million[4] French 80 millionItalian 67 million and Romanian 24 millionwhich are all national languages of their respective countries of origin.

There are also numerous regional Romance languages. Italian, together with Sardinian, is the least divergent Romance language from Latin, whereas French has changed the most. There are more than million native speakers of Romance languages found worldwide, mainly in the AmericasEuropeand latin dating charlemagne of Africa. Portuguese, French and Spanish also have latin dating charlemagne non-native speakers and are in widespread use as linguae francae.

The various Romance-speaking peoples, usually those of Latin Europe and Latin Americahave sometimes been collectively referred to as Romance peoplesLatin peoplesor Romanic peoples. The term Romance derives from the Vulgar Latin adverb romanice"in Roman ", derived from romanicus : for instance, in the expression romanice loqui"to speak in Roman" that is, the Latin vernacularcontrasted with latine loqui"to speak in Latin" Medieval Latinthe conservative version of the language used in writing and formal contexts or as a lingua francaand with barbarice loqui"to speak in Barbarian " the latin dating charlemagne languages of the peoples living outside the Roman Empire.

Most of the Romance-speaking area in Europe has traditionally been a dialect continuumwhere the speech variety of a location differs only slightly from that of a neighboring location, but over a longer distance these differences can accumulate latin dating charlemagne the point where two remote latin dating charlemagne speak what may be unambiguously characterized as separate languages.

This makes drawing language boundaries difficult, and as such there is no unambiguous way to divide the Romance varieties into individual languages. Even the criterion of mutual intelligibility can become ambiguous when it comes to determining whether two language varieties belong to the same language or not. The following is a list of groupings of Romance languages, with some languages and dialects chosen to exemplify each grouping.

These groupings should not be interpreted as well-separated genetic clades in a tree model :. The Romance language most widely spoken natively today is Spanishfollowed by PortugueseFrenchItalian and Romanianwhich together cover a latin dating charlemagne territory in Europe and beyond, and work as official and national languages in dozens of countries.

Spanish is an official language latin dating charlemagne Spain and in nine countries of South Americahome to about half that continent's population; in six countries of Central America all except Belize ; and in Mexico. In all these countries, Latin American Spanish is the vernacular language of the majority of the population, giving Spanish the most native speakers of any Romance language.

In Africa it is one of the official languages of Equatorial Guinea. Spanish was one of the official languages in the Philippines in Southeast Asia until It is currently spoken by a minority and taught in the school curriculum.

Portuguese, in its original homeland, Portugalis spoken by virtually the entire population of 10 million. As the official language of Brazilit is spoken by more than million people in that country, as well latin dating charlemagne by neighboring residents of eastern Paraguay and northern Uruguayaccounting for a little more than half the population of South America, thus making Portuguese the most spoken official Romance language in latin dating charlemagne single country.

In North America 1, people speak Portuguese as their home language. Its closest latin dating charlemagne, Galician, has official status in the autonomous community of Galicia in Spaintogether with Spanish.

Canada is officially bilingual, with French and English being the official languages. In parts of the Caribbean, such as HaitiFrench has official status, but most people speak creoles such as Haitian Creole as their native language. French also has official latin dating charlemagne in much of Africa, with relatively few native speakers but larger numbers of second language speakers. French is spoken by around to million people in according to Ethnologue and the OIF.

Although Italy also had some colonial possessions before World War IIits language did not remain official after the end of the colonial domination. As a result, Italian outside of Italy and Switzerland is now spoken only as a minority language by immigrant communities in North and South America and Australia. In some former Italian colonies in Africa—namely LibyaEritrea and Somalia —it is spoken by a few educated people in commerce and government. Romania did not establish a colonial empire. The native range of Romanian includes not only the Republic of Moldovawhere it is the dominant language and spoken by a majority of the population, but neighboring areas in Serbia Vojvodina and the Bor DistrictBulgaria, Hungary, and Ukraine BukovinaBudjak and in some villages between the Dniester and Bug rivers.

In Europe, Romanian-speakers form about two percent of the population in ItalySpainand Portugal. Romanian is also spoken in Israel by Romanian Jews, [28] where it is the native language of five percent of the population, [29] and is spoken by many more as a secondary language.

The total of million native speakers of Romance languages ca. Catalan is the official language of Andorra. In Spain, it is co-official with Spanish in Cataloniathe Valencian Community under the name Valencianand the Balearic Islandsand it is recognized, but not official, in an area of Aragon known as La Franja.

In addition, it is spoken by many residents of Algheroon the island of Sardiniaand it is co-official in that city. The remaining Romance languages survive mostly as spoken languages for informal contact. National governments have historically viewed linguistic diversity as an economic, administrative or latin dating charlemagne liability, as well as a potential source of separatist movements; therefore, they have generally fought to eliminate it, by extensively promoting the use of the official language, restricting the use of the other languages in the media, recognizing them as mere "dialects", or even persecuting them.

Since the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, increased sensitivity to the rights of minorities has allowed some of these languages to start recovering their prestige and lost rights. Yet it is unclear whether these political changes will be enough to reverse the decline of minority Romance languages.

Romance languages are the continuation of Vulgar Latinthe popular and colloquial sociolect of Latin spoken latin dating charlemagne soldierssettlers, and latin dating charlemagne of the Roman Empireas distinguished from the classical form of the language spoken by the Roman upper classes, the form in which the language was generally written. Latin also exerted a strong influence in southeastern Britainthe Roman province of Africawestern GermanyPannonia and the whole Balkans.

During the Empire's decline, and after its fragmentation and the collapse of its Western half in the fifth and sixth centuries, the spoken varieties of Latin became more isolated from each other, with the western dialects coming under heavy Germanic influence the Goths and Franks in particular and the eastern dialects coming under Slavic influence.

The colonial empires latin dating charlemagne by PortugalSpainand France from the fifteenth century onward spread latin dating charlemagne languages to the other continents to such an extent that about two-thirds of all Romance language speakers today live outside Europe. Despite other influences e. However, some notable differences occur between today's Romance languages and their Roman ancestor. With only one or two exceptions, Romance languages have lost the declension system of Latin and, as a result, have SVO sentence structure and make extensive use of prepositions.

Documentary evidence about Vulgar Latin for the purposes of comprehensive research is limited, and the literature is often hard to interpret or generalize. Many of its speakers were soldiers, slaves, displaced latin dating charlemagne, and forced resettlers, and more likely to be natives of conquered lands than natives of Rome.

In Western Europe, Latin gradually replaced Celtic and other Italic languageswhich were related to it by latin dating charlemagne shared Indo-European latin dating charlemagne. Commonalities in syntax and vocabulary facilitated the adoption of Latin. Vulgar Latin is believed to already have had most of the shared features that distinguish all Romance languages from Classical Latin.

These include the almost complete loss of the Latin grammatical case system and its replacement by prepositionsthe loss of the comparative inflectionsreplacement of some verb paradigms by innovations e. To some scholars, this suggests the form of Vulgar Latin that evolved into the Romance languages was around during the time of the Roman Empire from the end of the first century BCand was spoken alongside the written Latin dating charlemagne Latin which was reserved for official and formal occasions.

Other scholars argue that the distinctions are more rightly viewed as indicative of sociolinguistic and register differences normally found within any language. With the rise of the Roman Empire, Vulgar Latin spread first throughout Italy and then through southernwesterncentraland southeastern Europeand northern Africa along parts of western Asia.

Vulgar and Classical Latin were mutually intelligible as one and the same language until very approximately the second half of the 7th century. After that time and within two hundred years, Latin became a dead language since "the Romanized people of Europe could no longer understand texts that were read aloud or recited to them.

During the political decline of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, there were large-scale migrations into the empire, and the Latin-speaking world was fragmented into several independent states. These incursions isolated the Vlachs from the rest of Romance-speaking Europe.

British and African Romance —the forms of Vulgar Latin used in Britain and the Roman province of Africawhere it had been spoken by much of the urban population—disappeared in the Middle Ages as did Pannonian Latin dating charlemagne in what is now Hungary, latin dating charlemagne Moselle Romance in Germany.

In part due to regional dialects of the Latin language and local environments, several languages evolved from it. The latin dating charlemagne of Slavs were the most thoroughgoing, and they partially reduced the Romanic element in the Balkans. Over the course of latin dating charlemagne fourth to eighth centuries, local changes in phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon accumulated to the point that the speech of any locale was noticeably different from another.

In principle, differences between any two lects increased the more they were separated geographically, reducing easy mutual intelligibility between speakers of distant communities. The following are some examples with reflexes in several modern Romance languages for comparison:.

In all of the above examples, the words appearing in the fourth century Vulgate are the same words as would have been latin dating charlemagne in Classical Latin of c. It is likely that some of these words had already disappeared from casual speech by the time of latin dating charlemagne Glosses ; but latin dating charlemagne so, they may well have been still widely understood, as there is no recorded evidence that latin dating charlemagne common people of the time latin dating charlemagne difficulty understanding the language.

By the 8th century, the situation was very different. Unfortunately, this meant that parishioners could no longer understand the sermons of their priests, forcing the Council of Tours in to issue an edict latin dating charlemagne priests needed to translate their speeches into the latin dating charlemagne romana linguaan explicit acknowledgement latin dating charlemagne the reality of latin dating charlemagne Romance languages as separate languages from Latin.

Some researchers [ who? The critical period between the 5th—10th centuries AD is poorly documented because little or no writing from the chaotic " Dark Ages " of the 5th—8th centuries has survived, and writing after that time was in consciously classicized Medieval Latinwith vernacular writing latin dating charlemagne beginning in earnest in the 11th or latin dating charlemagne century.

A language that was closely related to medieval Romanian was spoken during the Dark Ages by Vlachs in the Balkans, Herzegovina, Dalmatia MorlachsUkraine HutsulsPoland GoralsSlovakia, and Czech Moravia, but gradually these communities except for the Vlachs lost their maternal language.

Between the 10th and 13th latin dating charlemagne, some local vernaculars developed a written form and began to supplant Latin in many of its roles.

In some latin dating charlemagne, such as Portugalthis transition was expedited by force of law; whereas in others, such as Italymany prominent poets and writers used the vernacular of their own accord — some of the most famous in Italy being Giacomo da Lentini and Dante Alighieri. Well before that, the vernacular was also used for practical purposes, such as the testimonies in the Placiti Cassinesiwritten — Some of the divergence comes from semantic change : where the same root words have developed different meanings.

Cognates may exist but have become rare, such as hiniestra in Spanish, or latin dating charlemagne out of use entirely. The Spanish and Portuguese terms defenestrar meaning "to throw through a window " and fenestrado meaning "replete with windows" also have the same root, but are later borrowings from Latin. Likewise, Portuguese also has the word ceara cognate of Italian cenare and Spanish cenarbut uses it in the sense of "to have a late supper" in most varieties, while the preferred word for "to dine" is jantar related to archaic Spanish yantar "to eat" because of semantic changes in the 19th century.

As an alternative to lei originally the genitive formItalian has the pronoun ellaa cognate of the other words for "she", but it is hardly ever used in speaking. Spanish, Asturian, and Leonese ventana and Mirandese and Sardinian bentana come from Latin ventus "wind" cf. The classification of the Romance languages is inherently difficult, because most of the linguistic area is a dialect continuumand in some cases political biases can come into play.

Along with Latin which itself is not included latin dating charlemagne the Romance languages as it is the direct ancestor of Romance languages and a few extinct languages of ancient Italy, they latin dating charlemagne up the Italic branch of the Indo-European family. The classification of certain languages is always problematic and ambiguous. A tree model is often used, but the selection of criteria results in different trees.

Some other classifications can involve ranking languages according to the degree of differentiation from Latin; by most measures, French is the most highly differentiated Romance language, although Romanian has changed the greatest amount of its vocabulary, while Italian [54] [55] [56] and Sardinian have changed the least.

Standard Italian can be considered a "central" language, which is generally somewhat easy to understand latin dating charlemagne speakers of other Romance languages, whereas French and Latin dating charlemagne are peripheral and quite dissimilar from the rest of Romance. There are various schemes used to subdivide the Romance languages.

Three of the most common schemes are as follows:. The main subfamilies that have been proposed by Ethnologue within the various classification schemes for Romance languages are:. This three-way division is made primarily based on the outcome of Vulgar Latin Proto-Romance vowels:. Italo-Western is in turn split along the so-called La Spezia—Rimini Line in northern Italy, which divides the central and southern Italian languages from the so-called Western Romance languages to the north and west.

The primary characteristics dividing the latin dating charlemagne are:. The reality is somewhat more complex. All of the "southeast" characteristics apply to all languages southeast of the line, and all of the "northwest" characteristics apply to all languages in France and most of Spain.

However, the Gallo-Italic languages are somewhere in between.

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Connecting Singles is a dating and forum website that's free to use. In addition to being a dating site, Connecting Singles has a multitude of other options to pass the time including quizzes, chat rooms, forums, profile reviews, event lists, all of which members can freely access. ConnectingSingles is a completely free online dating site for singles. You can browse profiles for free, sign up for free and contact other prospective matches for free.

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Rating from 39 customers. Total 39 Ratings 4 Reviews 35 Comments. Gender Male Female. Rss Feeds. Subscribe to comments for this site. Newest first Oldest first Most helpful first. All Causapscal connectingsingles Positive 8 Negative FooledAgain September 23rd, Below average. Profiles on CS must be posted by a causapscal connectingsingles or someone paid to write them! Because lots say stuff like " I work 3 days a week at a fast food place making burgers and cleaning up and make a hundred and fifty thousand a year and then when causapscal connectingsingles don't answer you for days all they say is I'm still here and it's rare that I ever see any new people on CS!

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It's a shame because it is one of the few sites I find with a mix of ethnic women.

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